Helping Parents Prepare for Disaster

What Can I Do To Prepare

Anyone who is a parent knows how hard it can be to raise a child. Add a stressful situation, like a natural disaster or other emergencies, and a difficult job gets harder.

 • Make a plan with your family or the people you live With.


  • Discuss what type of disaster is likely to happen to

        you. Contact your local Red Cross, emergency

    management office or health department. Ask for

    advice, suggestions or information related to your



   • Decide how to stay in touch with your family or

     housemates if there is a disaster. Set up two meet-

     ing places: right outside your home and another

     location in case you are forced to leave your

     neighborhood. Make sure your children can reach

     both places safely and that know how to get there.

     If possible, have an out – of – town family contact.

     Make sure your children know this address and

     telephone number. Also make sure your contact

     knows your emergency plans.


• Put together a disaster supply kit.


Items to include in a 72 hour kit.


• Three gallons of water per person

• A three day supply of food

• Flashlight and batteries

• First-Aid kit

• Battery-operated radio

• Complete change of clothing for each person

• Spare set of keys and identification cards

• Cash and credit cards

• Matches in a waterproof container

• Pet supplies ( food and Medication)


If you have a baby, small child, or a senior living with you, consider any special needs they may have,

Including diapers, bottles and formula for your baby, favorite toys and belongings for your child, and prescription medications, extra eyeglasses or hearing aids for your senior or other family members who may need them.


• Lear about existing preparedness plans in your town

• If you have school-aged children, the school plans

• Plan several evacuation routes

• Plan how to take care of your pets

Practice your plan before a disaster.

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