Managing Stress; Part II


What You Can Do 

You can manage stress by taking care of yourself while you are helping others.

 Manage Your Workload:

 • set your task priorities with realistic work plans.

• Recognize that “waiting” and “not having enough to do,”

  alternate with being “overwhelmed.”

 Balance Your Lifestyle:

 • Eat healthy foods and drink water.

• Avoid excessive caffeine, alcohol, and tobacco.

• Set adequate sleep and rest.

• Get physical exercise.

• Talk to your family and friends frequently.

 Stress-Reduction Strategies:

 •Reduce physical tension frequently by methods that work for

  you. Take deep breathes, gentle stretching, meditation, wash

  face and hands, use relaxation techniques.

• Pace yourself between low and high stress activities.

• Use time off to decompress and: re-charge batteries” – get a

   good meal, read, listen to music, take a bath, and talk to


• Talk about your feelings to co-workers at appropriate times.

 Self Awareness:

• Recognize and heed early warning signs of stress.

• Accept that you may not be able to self-access problem-

  matic stress reactions.

• Recoginize that over identification with or feeling

   overwhelmed by victims’ and families’ grief and

   trauma mat signal a need for support and consultation.

• Understand the differences between professional helping

   relationships and friendships to help maintain approp-

   riate roles and boundaries

• Examine personal prejudices and cultural stereotypes.

• Recognize when your own experience with trauma or

   your own personal history interferes with effectiveness.

• Be aware of your personal vulnerabilities and emotional

   reactions and the importance of team and supervisor





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