5 Things You Need to Know Before Investing in Any Emergency Food Storage Products

Are you thinking about starting or adding to your food storage but aren’t sure what’s available? Follow these guidelines to avoid any costly mistakes.

1. How does the food taste?
Yes, if you’re hungry enough just about anything tastes good, especially in an emergency. Why settle for cardboard? Both Wise Foods™ and Daily Bread™ products provide an assortment of great-tasting, gourmet entrees, breakfasts and beverages that your family will love to eat! The entrees consist of both freeze-dried and dehydrated ingredients to insure the best taste, texture and nutritional value.

2. How long can the food be stored before I have to throw it out? Most canned and dry food from the grocery store is only good for two years at the most, requiring frequent replacement of the items. Wise Foods™ and Daily Bread™ have an extended shelf life of up to 25 years.

3. How much space is my food storage going to take? I have limited room. Wise Foods™ meals are packaged in Mylar pouches and then incased in durable plastic containers with handles. Wise Foods™ are light-weight and condensed. A one-year supply of food for an adult with 1,080 meals weighs less than 60 pounds and comes in nine stackable and easy-to-move grab-and-go plastic containers.

Daily Bread™ is packaged in #10 cans, which are then shipped in boxes with four cans per box. A one-year supply for one adult will fit in a space measuring 44 inches high by 130 inches long and 13 inches deep. The boxes are stackable.

Is the food time-consuming or difficult to cook? Both brands couldn’t be simpler to prepare. Just add water and wait 10 to 12 minutes. You don’t even need to heat the water unless you want to. Although, we think it tastes better when you do. What could be easier?

5. How much money is food storage going to cost? Wise Foods™ and Daily Bread™ products are offered at great prices with entrees as low as $1.50 per serving when ordering multi-serving packages. There are many options for the size of your order, ranging from an entree for just two people up to a 12-month supply that will feed four adults. Because the products have a 25 year shelf life, you won’t need to rotate and replace the products for many years, making them even more economical and saving you money.

We hope you never need to rely on your emergency food storage. However, when a disaster occurs, make certain that you and your loved ones are ready.

To order these and other emergency preparedness products, please visit us at http://www.survivalsupplies4u.com.


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