Sudden downpours during the rainy season can cause many water- related problems for residents such as flash flooding, mudslides, and various other problems that may result in damage to your property. Follow these instructional guidelines to help you deal with the rainy season.

Stay away from flood channels and flowing rivers. You can be knocked off your feet in as little as six inches of water.                       Do not attempt to cross flooded areas, and never enter moving water.  If you become trapped in your vehicle, stay with your vehicle.  Relocate to the hood of the vehicle of the water level continues to rise.  When in canyon or mountain areas, be aware of possible flash  flooding or sudden down flows.

For Residents living in flood prone areas:

Obtain sand bags ahead of time! Sandbags and instructional materials are available at most county fire stations.  Fill sandbags one-half full with sand or soil, fold top of sandbag down and rest bag on its folded top. Stack sandbags three levels high but not more than 25 sand bags high.

If your home is on a hillside, plastic sheeting is recommended to prevent over saturation of the soil, but consult first with local Building and Safety officials and/or Public Works Departments for water diversion or protection plans.

Monitor your radio or television news closely for information concerning weather conditions and flooding in your area.

Have an emergency plan that all family members understand. Know how to contact loved one if you are unable to get to your home because of flood-related incidents.

Clear rain gutters and drains ahead of time to help avoid possible roof collapse and other property damage.

Be aware that debris basins can overflow. Be familiar with the area in which you live and have an alternate escape route if you should need to evacuate.

Have enough food, water and batteries included in emergency kits to last for at least 72 hours.





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