Going Skiing, Snow boarding or cross country?

When traveling to your base camp in your car, how is it equipped for an emergency?  I have a daughter who lives in Idaho. She suggested I write about the items you should have in the car before you leave on your trip.

Warm blankets, flashlight,(LED) recommended and bottled water and food bars.

Have snow tires put on the front wheels and chains on the rear wheels. If a  have front wheel drive put the chains on the front and your winter tires on the rear. your spare tire should be a snow tire.  Bring flares these can be seen if you place them 150′ back , 75′ back and 50′ back, so that anyone coming from behind you will understand to slow down and move over. If you have more flares put them in between the others. Don’t forget to bring your Cell phone charger with you. Both types:  car battery and wall plug-in types.

If you have kids along don’t give them fruit bars and water. This will result in a Metamucil problem!

If your car is buried in an avalanche turn off the engine to avoid asphyxiation by Carbon monoxide. Some people say to carry candles and crack your window a half-inch. This is good advice, but only if your just stalled on the side of the road! Doing this if the car is buried you might as well leave the engine running and die.

Don’t forget extra batteries. If you can see faint or brighter light out the windows during the day then you’re not as deep as you think. However don’t try to open the door on the uphill side. Honk you horn, does it work? Save the battery, bring along a portable radio, crank or battery-powered. If you have a cell phone, try it, try texting.  Do not turn on the car radio as you’ll run the battery down. Make sure the lights are off.

RECAP:   Plan winter trips with these thoughts in mind: If traveling where it snows heavily or there are frequent blizzards  especially  when traveling across a  flat highway in the Northern States is necessary to reach your destination for Thanksgiving or Christmas. write yourself a check list, and unplug the iron!

Please travel safely and Godspeed.



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