Emergency Shut Off Valves

Here is a diagram of the utility shut-off valves and electrical panel  if you have an emergency due to damage to your home from a disaster.    For the electricity: Always start with each circuit breaker first. DO NOT throw off the Main First!  There may be pulses still inside your wires. To turn on the electricity “do” turn on the main first, followed by the Circuit breakers. Continued below picture…

Please have your gas/propane service turn the system back on. They will test to make sure there are no leaks before igniting the pilot lights. You may turn on your water if the local water Company says you may. There may be foreign matter in it that may be hazardous.


One response to “Emergency Shut Off Valves

  1. When turning your water back on you should run your drinking faucet for a minute or two to make sure any debris is out of the line before using it for drinking or cooking. Water filter attatched to the sink are good too.

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