Continuing information for disaster preparedness

It is estimated that of the costliest catastrophes in the world in the last forty years, half have occurred in the past decade alone and 13 of them have been in the U.S. It is also estimated that 91% of Americans now live in places with moderate to high risk of a natural disaster or terrorist attack.

We at Survival Supplies 4U, carry what you need. Our food bars and water have a five-year shelf life. We carry  other needed items for your comfort and safety, including Masks that filter out toxic gases and even small particulates of radiation, soot, smallpox and others item# EE13A  and EE13 which filters out biological and chemical terror threats including anthrax, cyanide, sarin and smallpox.

 If you need to live outside for a while because of damage to your home, we carry camp stoves and fuel,  tents , solar sleeping bags and blankets,  plus cots with or without padding. Survival kits for up to four on a 72 hour basis. Radios and flashlights, candles and even items for you pets in emergencies. First aid and trauma kits , for your  home, car,  office and school.  One of our newest items can charge your battery so you can start your car, without jumper cables, item # AA829. Just plug one into your cars cigarette or accessory plug and the 2nd one into the other vehicles lighter or Acc, plug. Then just turn the key and start the car up. No more dirty hands lifting up both hoods and using the old greasy cables.

Visit our site and look around. We offer a coupon for 10% off our already reduced prices of 25% . On the order page it asks for a coupon code. This code: “aug10” will give you another 10% off of your order for a total 35% off.  A note: the code is always lower case. We change the coupon code monthly so while your on the home page sign up for our monthly newsletter. it will have the next months code. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at:  Take care and until next time, be blessed.


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  1. Hey Nick, just a thought. Maybe it would be a good idea to have a button on the top of your blog (next to “About”) called “Store”. Then you could just click on it and browse what’s available. What do you think?

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