July News Letter

Traveling by Car or RV:

  • Remember to take and emergency auto kit with water, food, flares, and jumper cables, as well as a charger for your cell phone.
  • Let friends and relatives know where you’re going, the time of departure and the expected arrival time. Also, let them know your planned return date.


  • Did you change the oil and check the tire pressure on your car, RV, bikes, and ATVs?
  • If you have ATVs or dirt bikes, do you have the tools to fix them?
  • Are all the bike knee and elbow pads and helmets and in good repair?
  • Do you have enough fuel for your toys?
  • Hey, things happen!
  • Do you have extra fuel for your camp stove and lanterns?
  • Do you have extra batteries for your flash lights and lanterns?
  • Do you have a snake bite kit, tent stakes, sun screen, and bug spray?
  • If towing a trailer or boat, check the lights and turn signals.
  • Please, don’t forget extra food and water.

 Expert Survival Tips from the US Army

 In preparing your survival kit, select items you can use for more than one purpose. If you have two items that will serve the same function, pick the one you can use for another function. Do not duplicate items, as this increases your kit’s size and weight.

 Some people with survival training have died because they did not use their skills. A key ingredient in any survival situation is the mental attitude of the individual(s) involved. Having survival skills is important; having the will to survive is essential.

S.U.R.V.I.V.A.L. Acronym

Size up the situation – your surroundings, physical condition, and equipment.

Use all your senses; undue haste makes waste.

Remember where you are; pay close attention to where you are going, and don’t rely on others to keep track of the route.

Vanquish fear and panic.

Improvise; see how to adapt tools to new purposes.

Value living; don’t give up.

Act like the natives; discover how they survive.

Live by your wits, but for now, learn basic skills.

We hope you had a fun-filled 4th of July!  Don’t forget, display the flag.  If you have a flag pole, be sure to fly it through-out the year.

 The Staff at Survival Supplies 4U


One response to “July News Letter

  1. Nick,
    Here in the northeast, it’s been too hot to even think about going anywhere. I’m just hiding in my air-conditioned cave.

    (:D) Best regards,

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