Electrical Safety

Electric Generators 

If you use a portable generator, plug appliances directly into the generator. Never use the generator to supply electricity to your home’s outlets. This can create a dangerous back feed situation for your suppliers employees working on their electrical equipment.

Survivalsupplies4u carries generators under the Tools category: www.survivalsupplies4u.com/product/TGEN2 

General Information

 If there is electrical equipment on your property, please keep the area around it clear. Their employees may need to get to this equipment quickly and safely to do their jobs, especially in an emergency. Also, it is illegal to post signs on utility poles. The nails and staples can cause problems for employees climbing the pole. Don’t climb on or try to repair any electrical equipment.

Your Electric Meter 

Your electric company owns and maintains the electric meter at your home. The meter reader must be able to read the meter so they can provide you with accurate bills. It is your responsibility to give them access to read the meter. You may need to leave a gate unlocked or restrict pets on the day the meter is read. The scheduled read date is printed on your bill, but it may be necessary for them to vary from that date by as much as three days.

Please call them if the meter can’t be read because access is restricted for security reasons or by pets. This is the last in the electrical safety series.


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