If an earthquake is severe enough you may be in a mad max situation for weeks. Have you prepared a 3 day, 72 hour kit with what you and your family will need water, food, medicine and first aid supplies? Every natural disaster is often called, Acts of God.

So it necessitates your being prepared. Food bars and water with a five (5) year shelf life, stored in a cool dry place and easily accessible by anyone at home. Those living in Tornado alley keep food and water in the storm cellar including battery operated radios. Have you checked to see the batteries are dry and not corroded? Never leave the batteries in the radio. 

Other disasters like Hurricanes and areas prone to Fire storms, Floods and Earthquakes all demand we are prepared to either evacuate or have the necessary means to survive. When the so called Big One hits the San Andreas Fault near Los Angeles and its eastern environs, are we ready? Sad to say, very few are prepared to be without water, food, gas or electricity. Having been trained in CERT, (Community Emergency Response Team) We expect to take care of our families first and the neighborhood and then leave to assist in the rescue of those trapped in their homes. Believe me when I say that Fire, Police and ambulances will be working were the most damage is. Have extra prescriptions on hand and arrange to contact an out of State friend or relative to let them know if you’re okay. Every family member should have this ability to call or contact the same person. What if the phones are out of service or the cell towers are down? Be patient? When we had the Northridge earthquake her in Los Angeles several years ago, all the phones lines were tied up. So I called my Daughter in Boise, Idaho and was able to get through. 

Disasters that require survival methods

  • ·Chemical disasters or acts of terrorism. 
  • · Biological events, both natural and terrorism. 
  • · Nuclear incidents. 

Many survival stores and my own website have what is needed on hand, for all these potential problems.




  1. Unlike California, earthquakes aren’t an issue where I live…in the Philly metro area.

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