Where can I find Survival Supplies?

Survival Supplies 4U offers emergency preparedness kits that fit almost any emergency.

Our emergency preparedness kits are packaged in durable nylon backpacks or five gallon buckets. They are designed for use for the Home, Office, School or Car.

Many of our kits have battery and/or hand-crank powered radios, which never needs batteries, so you may listen to emergency radio broadcasts. Our first-aid kits will provide immediate attention for any injuries that may have occurred from a natural disaster or a car accident. The buckets that some emergency kits include are designed for port-a-potty use. These emergency preparedness kits contain additional items that will help in any situation. We carry tents, food, and water and tools that will enable you and your family to survive for several days until search and rescue personnel arrive.

We also carry emergency pet supplies including first aid kits, food, cat or dog kits containing blankets, pet carriers and tents. We have a Coleman™ brand motion activated dog/cat tags with bright red LED-lights that flash when your pets move. These would be good for hunters’ dogs too.

Survival Supplies 4U hopes that you will never have to use an emergency preparedness kit, but rest assured that if you ever do, you’ll be so glad that you made the purchase.

Please view all the supplies we carry which include everything you need to survive a disaster at http://www.survivalsupplies4u.com.

Survival Supplies 4u is a disaster preparedness supply company.  Our mission is to help individuals and families by providing a direct source of affordably priced emergency supplies, survival kits, emergency food, and survival gear. Every product is on sale every day. We offer door-to-door delivery options with outstanding customer service and quality


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