Outdoor Electrical Safety

Downed Lines

If there is a power line down in your street or a power outage in your neighborhood Call your provider. Never touch a downed power line or anyone who’s in contact with it. Stay away from a vehicle that is in contact with it. If it touches your vehicle, stay inside, warn others to stay away and have them call the power company.  If you must get out of the vehicle, for safety reasons jump clear of the vehicle. DO NOT touch the vehicle and the ground at the same time! You may be electrocuted if you do.

 Overhead Lines

Look up to see if there are any power lines nearby when you are using equipment outside. Never try to rescue an animal stranded on a pole. DO NOT try to remove anything caught in power lines. Instead, call your power company

Here are some of the outdoor activities that could be dangerous if you are near power lines or using any tools that extend up over your head:

  • Trimming trees
  • Using fruit picking poles
  • Working on a roof
  • Installing or removing an antenna
  • Using a long-handled pool skimmer
  • Working on metal ladders
  • Moving a boat with a mast

Tree Trimming 

Your power company is responsible for trimming trees that grow into transmission or distribution power lines. You are responsible for trimming trees that grow into or near the power lines that go to your house. NEVER trim your trees if power lines go through or near them. You should never cut tree limbs that are touching power lines or could fall into them. NOTE: I check my own every spring and summer to keep the wires free and clear.

Metallic Balloons and Kites

Never let metallic balloons or any balloon with a metallic string into the air. They are excellent conductors of electricity. A single metallic balloon or kite touching power lines can cause a short-circuit, melt the wire and cause it to fail. This can hurt or kill people and will cause a power outage resulting in expensive repairs to your electrical equipment. Sensitive equipment, such as computers, microwave ovens, VCR, and televisions, can also be damaged.


When making a kite, always use dry string, wood, and paper. Never use metallic materials or metallic string on your kite. If a kite touches power lines, electricity can go down the kite string to the person flying it. Kites should be flown only in open spaces. Never fly a kite when it is raining. If a kite gets caught in power lines, do not try to remove it – call your power company.

 Call Before You Dig

If you live in an area with underground lines, you need to find out if there are lines in the ground before you dig for any reason. Call your power company at least two days before you plan to dig.


One response to “Outdoor Electrical Safety

  1. I did this myself when we bought a new house, so I could plant a tree out front.

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