If victim can cough, speak, or breath…Do not interfere.

If victim cannot cough, speak, or breathe, have someone call for help!

Phone: 911

                                                                 TAKE ACTION!

                                      PERFORM THE HEIMLICH MANEUVER

1. Stand behind the victim.

2. Wrap arms around the victim’s waist.

3. Make a fist with one hand and place the thumb side against the victim’s abdomen in the   

     midline slightly above the navel and well below the xiphoid..

     XIPHOID: The third and lowest segment of the human sternum.

4. Grasp fist with the other hand.

5. Press into the victim’s abdomen with quick upward thrusts.

     . Each thrust should be distinct and delivered with the intent of relieving the airway obstruction.

     . No pressure should be exerted against the rib cage with the rescurer’s forearms.

     . Repeat thrusts until object is expelled or the victim becomes unconscious.

     . CAUTION: Abdominal thrust may cause injury. Do not practise on people.

   In cooperation with the American Red Cross. Take a class with the ARC.


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