Storm Reminder

Storm reminder: Are you ready for emergencies?

Antelope Valley press

LOS ANGELES – As storms blanket the Antelope Valley area and the rest of Los Angeles County with heavy rain and wind, and offer the potential for mudslides and flash flooding, the Department of Public Health has tips on advance planning for an emergency and cleaning up after disasters.

       “Though no one can prevent the forces of nature from affecting our communities, every one has the ability and the responsibility to prepare for disasters.”

         “Having a family communication plan and emergency kits can provide the necessary resources to help you and your family get through many difficult situations, whether it is a bad storm, fires or an earthquake. Additionally, the tragedy in Haiti provides a sobering reminder of the destructive power of a large earthquake.” Dr. Jonathan E. Fielding, director of Public Health and county health officer.

 Essential items

 1. Water.

2. Food.

3. Cash and important documents, clothes, flashlight, first aid kit, medicine, radio, toiletries and tools.

 Food Safety

 Health official’s advice the following tips to maintain food safety:

 Plastic bottles of liquid, such as water, that has been covered in mud contaminated by broken sewage lines should be discarded. Rinsing off the bottle is not enough, as these particles contaminate the caps, making them very difficult to decontaminate.

  Food that has been stored in waterproof or airtight containers that have been covered with mud should be discarded. This includes products that have been stored in cardboard or other soft packaging.

  Food stored in sealed, previously unopened glass or metal cans or jars, such as baby food, should be safe for use. Clean before opening and transfer the contents to another container before eating.

  For those who have experienced power outages, it is best to throw away perishable food, such as meat, dairy products and eggs. Items that have defrosted in the freezer during a power outage should also be discarded.

For more information on earthquake and disaster readiness call your local county information line, found in the front of your area phone book.

 For Los Angeles County, call 866- 999-5228 or the L.A. County Information Line, 2-1-1

 If a Sewer line has broken call, 800-675-4357 or by visiting the department of Public Works web site at

 If the sewage is overflowing onto a ground surface, over the curb and flowing toward a storm drain, call the Recreational Waters Program immediately. For Los Angeles County, call 800-675-4357 or the L.A. County operator at 213-974-1234 (nights and weekends)

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