In The Al Qaeda History

An excerpt from a white paper by: Fred Barton, February 28, 2007.

..”.Over all, there remains a very real possibility that al Qaeda or a group of grassroots jihadists, ( recently in the news, last several months of 2009) might attempt a chemical or a biological, ( or armed ) attack in the United States, (The mass murder of unarmed troops by an Islamist Colonel) the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada or another allied country in hopes of inflicting mass casualties.”

The terrorist don’t care about anything but their own murderous agenda. This includes suicide bombings and murdering their fellow Islamists to control the world with terror by controlling governments and working within the United States to destroy our freedoms, through the government by the Socialists.

( parentheses are mine.)


2 responses to “In The Al Qaeda History

  1. Hopefully we have people in Homeland Security who are smarter than Janet Napolitano or Barack Obama watching our backs.

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