What to Do in a Power Outage

Electrical outages can be a problem, and it’s a good idea to be prepared when you literally find yourself in the dark. Below are five ways to prepare your home and family for an unexpected power outage.

Light the way. Even in the dark, it’s possible to have some light if you have the proper equipment. During a power outage, you will need to have working flashlights and touch-lights, along with plenty of batteries. Now is a good time to stock up on these essentials because they will come in handy when you need them the most. If at all possible, avoid the use of candles as these may be a fire hazard.

Conquering communication woes. If you have a cell phone, keep it fully charged at all times. During an electrical outage, your cordless phones will not function due to the fact that they are electrical. If you don’t have a cell phone or you live in a rural area with no service, make sure that you have a rotary or push-button phone in your home that will allow you to make and receive phone calls. During an electrical outage, you will first need to call the power company to notify them of the problem.

Stay cool. If you tend to keep the freezer full, make sure that you pack it with plenty of ice. This will keep your frozen food cold during a power outage, which will save you a bundle by not having to replace all of your groceries. You can also keep your refrigerator and freezer cool by avoiding opening and closing the appliance door during a power outage. Each time you open the refrigerator or freezer door, you are letting cold air out and that could be bad news for your cold food.

Eat the food in the chilled section of your refrigerator first.  Then, eat the food in the freezer and use items stored at room temperature, such as staples and canned goods, last of all.  Using food in this order will give you the longest life for the items stored in the refrigerator.

Shop smart. During a power outage, you will not be able to cook if your appliances are electric. Therefore, buying canned foods that have distant expiration dates are a good idea. Anything that does not require refrigeration or preparation will help to keep you and your family fed until the power is restored.

Keep a checklist. When the electricity goes out, you will have a million things on your mind. From the temperature inside your home to making sure there is ample lighting, you will be thinking about everything that needs to be done. For this reason, it may be a good idea to prepare a checklist and keep it posted on the refrigerator. One important tip to remember is to turn off all lights and appliances with the exception of one light, which will serve as your notice when power is restored.


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